Concerning The Unreleased Tea Club Album From the Quickly Quickly Quickly Sessions

I just rediscovered this piece of art that I drew back in 2011… When we recorded “Quickly Quickly Quickly”, we wound up with two albums worth of material. The remaining songs that didn’t make it on to QQQ were intended to be compiled into a companion album that would be released shortly after. Instead, that album was shelved and the songs remain unreleased, although one of the songs, “Wasp in a Wig”, did make it onto our next album, which would become “Grappling” (albeit in a drastically revised form). This piece of art was intended to accompany the song “Planet Moon”, a song that was never released. Our longtime collaborator Kendra DeSimone painted a giant version of this drawing on a banner, which we used to hang behind us during live performances back in 2011. Most likely, that painting would have been the unreleased album’s cover.