The Tea Club

BEARDFEST was an awesome experience!

We got to see some really great bands. Thank You Scientist were amazing as always. They played some new songs that were quite excellent. Can’t wait for their next album!!
We got to see New Beard again too, who put on a tremendous performance. I laughed, I cried, I watched fire come out of a saxophone, and I was almost hit with a rubber chicken. YES!
And Consider the Source blew us away… Such an amazing group of musicians!
And a HUGE thanks to Out of the Beardspace for having us at their festival, for being great guys, and for playing a killer set of their own music as well! Cheers!

Thank You Quebec City!

We’re still getting settled from our trip back from Quebec City, but we wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone at the Terra Incognita Festival!! We met so many wonderful people and heard so much great music! We’ll be posting  videos, and more about the show very soon!
Merci beaucoup!!! 😀


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Old Pics

REMINDER: Show this Sunday March 3rd with Thank You Scientist at NJProghouse!

Our show with Thank You Scientist at the NJProghouse is March 3rd!


If you’re planning on going, make sure to order your tickets online and save eight dollars!

(The tickets online are $22, but at the door they’re $30!)

Click here for more information about the show!

See you there! 😀