New York Music Daily’s Review of “Quickly Quickly Quickly”

Check out this great new review of Quickly Quickly Quickly from New York Music Daily!

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Sea of Tranquility’s Review of “Quickly Quickly Quickly”

Here’s an awesome review of Quickly Quickly Quickly from Jon Neudorf of Sea of Tranquility. Jon has also reviewed Rabbit and General Winter’s Secret Museum, and had some very cool things to say about our latest!

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Review of “Quickly Quickly Quickly” from!

Here’s a review of Quickly Quickly Quickly from! 

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“If their name is not necessarily familiar in European circles progressive, The Tea Club is not his first attempt, far from it. Before signing in formal entry in 2008 ( General Winter’s Secret Museum ), the musicians of New Jersey had behind them a gaggle EP. Five to be exact! Rabbit (2010) quickly follows this first real album to stay on the pace of intensive production, well-appointed Quickly Quickly Quickly born two years later. Although the general climate of the disc evokes the figures venerable progressive with The Tea Club endorsed the great precepts (perhaps with a predominance of period Yes Relayer in the first half), we feel the hovering shadow of The Mars Volta, including the long opening track, “Firebears” the frenzy of the battery, the frequency of breaks and some vocal postures may not have been written in the company of the spectrum of Texans. Then suddenly, while “The German Infant” borrowed more or less the same way, change of scenery, if vaguely post-rock direction you press, it is the sound or the pastoral, which overrides “Mister Freeze. ” If the group falls almost to his feet with “I Shall Consume Everything” has undeniably drafted in the space of these four titles something new, unprecedented times, in the way of translating his influences and marriage patterns a priori unlikely to sympathize: against delicate symphonic sound density, for example. If our young people can better allocate their breath, then this just waiting to emerge into the open, to finally release the chains that still hinder, will take shape and bring The Tea Club in the first division.

Jean-Philippe Haas”

“Quickly Quickly Quickly” Review from Japanese website!

Here’s a review of Quickly Quickly Quickly from a Japanese music website called!

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Excellent new American prog from ’12, a masterpiece full of respect to 70’s prog, fantastic and richly structured ensemble+post-rock tonal sensation!

A ’12 release by an excellent new American prog band. Above all the opening piece spanning 17 minutes long is most impressive. Forward driving and quite articulate rhythm section, technical guitar playing with fanciful tones reminiscent of Nordic prog with sharp-edged phrasing, synthesizers with dream-like fantastic breadth bursting out into speedy passages, altogether creating an ensemble of soaring sensation. I’m totally knocked-out by the splendid performance that opens out right in front of my eyes, most reminiscent of 70’s Yes for the clearly depicted fantasia. Meanwhile, there’s this beautifully lyrical part where rippling piano and fantastically flowing guitar bring about an image of a wide ocean; once again the band’s ability to invoke visual imagery through instrumentation is absolutely impressive. Vocals are also noteworthy, ranging from emotionally charged singing to a sensitive style involving falsetto. Fantastic and richly structural ensemble that is loaded with respect to 70’s prog, together with sophisticated post-rock tonal sensation, makes this an astounding album. This is simply a masterpiece!


(Once again, thanks to our fan and friend Tatsurou Ueda for translating this review from Japanese for us!)



Reviews of “Quickly Quickly Quickly” and “Rabbit” by Andrew Nichols

Here’s two great reviews from Andrew Nichols for the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth’s university paper, The Torch!

You can read the Quickly Quickly Quickly review here…

…and the Rabbit review here!

Review of Quickly Quickly Quickly from Uguisu’s Valley!

Here’s a review of Quickly Quickly Quickly from a Japanese blog called Uguisu’s Valley!

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or read below for a version of the review in English! (Thanks to Tatsurou Ueda for the translation!)


“The third album by American post/progressive rock band. Ethnic caricature?

1. Firebears  ★Recommended!!
2. The Eternal German Infant
3. Mister Freeze
4. I Shall Consume Everything

This one has the artwork as a hooker. But then again the name is Tea Club. How so fashionable could that be?
Is this prog with post-rock flavor? Or is this post-rock with prog flavor? Well that does not matter much but if it does it seems to be the former to me. The band may hold it as the latter though. The sound is post-rock inclined free-style and a sophisticated one and offers thrilling development and atmosphere. The vocal roughens up more than I’d imagined but then again it’s effective in giving emotional, rocking feel to the sound, which I like just as well.
Honestly speaking, the album didn’t give too much of a lasting impression on me or something particular to write home about but at least I found the general direction to my liking. This CD can be suitable for playing at actual “tea club”, with a sense of refresh and comfort, a hint frightening.”